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Fishing 1909

Fishing 1909 is the latest product of the Buckie & District Fishing Heritage. Narrated by Jim Farquhar and Isobel Geddes with original music by Ronnie Thain.

The story starts in the end years of the 19th Century with the sail boats reigning supreme as the harvesters of the seas. Then the ‘new boats on the blocks’ the steam drifters take over from the sail boats. Like the sail boats they fish in all weathers but are not confined to the vagaries of the wind and tide as much as the sail boats were. Were they efficient?

Watch them fish, return ashore, deliver the catch, the gutting quines showing their skills alongside the coopers, the whole process is gone through. Don’t forget to listen to the poem about the loss of the Evangeline a sail boat lost with all hands in 1905 off Stronsay – Isobel Geddes reads the poem with such poignancy and feeling – maybe even a wee tear in the corner of the eye! This DVD will work in all regions of the world.

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