Buckie & District Fishing Heritage Centre


This organisation was formed in March 1986 after a meeting of a group of local history enthusiasts who each gave a donation of £10.00 and a constitution etc. was agreed. The first premises used were a small room within the Buckie Public Library which subsequently became too small to accommodate our expanding records and artefacts. After several meetings with The Moray Council the lease of the former caretaker’s cottage situated at the rear of the library, which had lain empty for many years, was agreed. The cottage was then redecorated and furnished and opened to the public. A new thirty year lease for the cottage and additional adjacent ground for development with options for the further extension of this lease has recently been agreed with The Moray Council.

AIMS: The Heritage Centre exists to preserve the rich fishing heritage of Buckie and District and to provide assistance to research and gather information on the past, present and future history of this area. This is partially facilitated via our website at www.buckieheritage.org

Organisation and Structure

The Heritage Centre is a registered Limited Company by Guarantee with Charitable status. The Board comprises eight directors and a twenty five strong management Committee, the eight directors being members of the Management Committee. This Committee meets normally once a month and formal minutes of each meeting are recorded. Local firms of Solicitors and Accountants are engaged to manage the legal and financial affairs of the Heritage Centre and audited annual accounts are produced at the annual general meetings of the Company.

There are currently over 500 members worldwide who pay a nominal annual subscription which entitles then to receive a quarterly newsletter. The Heritage Cottage is staffed by volunteers on a rota basis the majority also being members of the Management Committee.

Contents of Heritage Centre

There is an extremely large collection of artefacts many of which are not on display due to the lack of space. The majority of the artefacts have been gifted by local people. Our collection of model boats is one of the largest in the North East of Scotland and albums available for perusal by the public contain well over 7000 photographs. A comprehensive database is available which lists all boats built in local boatyards. A small reference library of local history and fishing boats is maintained for the use of the members and visitors.

Involvement with the local community

Members give talks/slide shows to local organisations such as the W.R.I., Church Groups, Rotary Clubs, Round Table, Youth organisations Senior Citizens and open groups. Visits are made to the local hospital and nursing homes to show photographs of local interest in order to try and stimulate and recall memories amongst the residents particularly those who are long term patients. Two annual prizes are presented to Buckie High School to promote interest in the heritage and local history of the area.

School parties are regular visitors to the Heritage Centre but unfortunately their numbers per visit have to be curtailed due to our very restricted space. Discussions are in hand with The Moray Council to produce a schools education/learning pack. The Heritage Centre promotes and encourages publications and reprints of local history books. Books documenting the history of the three local Shipbuilding Yards, the ‘Bulb Factory’ and comprehensive illustrated directories of all Fishing Vessels to carry the BCK (2 volumes) and BF (3 volumes) port registration letters have been produced by the Heritage Centre. Other books published by the Heritage Centre include ‘Sail and Steam’, ‘Tee Names’, ‘The Mighty Zulu’ and ‘Toonsfolk, Fermers and Fisherfolk at War’.

Please see our ‘Shop’ page for a full list of publications and further details of all these books. Although the Heritage Centre is open five and a half days a week during the summer season, access can be gained at any mutually convenient times throughout the year by contacting a committee member or a member of the staff at Buckie Public Library.

The Future

Visitor numbers have increased year on year and the comments left by visitors from far and wide are very encouraging. Last year we were fortunate in attracting grant funding to improve the previously grassed area at the front of the Heritage Centre with paving, information plinths and seating. We are continuing to identify further improvements and we invite your comments where such improvements may be made’.

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