Buckie & District Fishing Heritage Centre

Our Members

Office Bearers and Directors
Chair Person Margaret Sutherland
Vice Chair Person &
Membership Secretary
Jim Sutherland
Secretary Adam Robertson
Treasurer Kathleen Whitham
Newsletter Editor John Fowlie
Librarian Ron Stewart
Photographic Officer John Addison
Director Jim Farquhar
Director Eric Smith
Committee Members
Alex Campbell Jim Farquhar
John Addison Billy Garden
Derek Thomson Danny Stewart
Shiona Coull Gordon Pirie
Ian Miller George Flett
John Fowlie Adam Robertson
Jim Sutherland Jim Findlay
Ron Stewart Kathleen Whitham
Margaret Sutherland Eric Smith
George Davidson


Attendants Morning Afternoon
Monday James Calder
James Geddes
Ian Miller
Derek Thomson
Victor Breen
Jessie Fielding
Stuart Jenson
Jim Sutherland
Margaret Sutherland
Kathleen Whitham
Tuesday John Fowlie
Alex Herd
George Reid
John Robertson
James Slater
George Smith
John Addison
Albert Farquhar
George Flett
David Hendry
James Young
Wednesday Billy Garden
Robert Skene
Sandy Innes
George Smith (Bo)
Janet Murray
George Davidson
Victor Vass
Adam Robertson
Gordon Pirie
Thursday Eric Smith
William Smith
George Young
John O Mahoney
George Farquhar
Joe Reid
Elizabeth Sutherland
Friday Alex Campbell
Danny Stewart
Isobel Clark
Alex Wood
Shona Coull
Jim Farquhar
Kathleen McLeod
Ron Stewart
Saturday George Hutchison
David Wood
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