Buckie & District Fishing Heritage Centre


We welcome visits by organisations or groups out with our normal opening hours. The Heritage Centre can accommodate up to 50 visitors at any given time. We can provide simple refreshments and all visits are without charge. Donations are however welcome.

A typical programme for an evening or afternoon visit would be:

  • Welcome and brief history
  • Slide show that is tailored to your specific requirements
  • Questions
  • Refreshments followed by a guided tour of the Heritage Centre and artefacts on display


There is also an opportunity to try on our period costumes and be a ‘gutting quine, fishing skipper or be dressed in your ‘Number 1’

An evening visit to the Heritage Centre lasts approx. two hours but must be booked in advance, please email the secretary at info@buckieheritage.org so that this may be arranged.

We are increasingly welcoming both primary school pupils and secondary students to the Heritage Centre. We can provide an insight of the past fishing industry and support trades or of the growth of our town and surrounding villages. Alternatively, we can hand over to the class teacher or lecturer to conduct the session. A public address system and hearing induction loop are provided. Please enquire for more details.

We are increasing being requested for the short term loan of artefacts and period dress. These have featured in film and television, photography and documentary projects.


Below are some comments taken from our visitors’ book please also look us up on facebook and on Trip Advisor.

  • ‘Excellent museum with genuine helpful staff’
  • ‘Most interesting, I will return’
  • ‘Made most welcome, very friendly’
  • ‘The visit to the Seamen’s Memorial was a very moving experience’
  • ‘Thank you for a great visit’
  • ‘Brilliant’